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Our Team

We have been family owned and operated since our creation in 2003.

Al. Father. Owner. These are just some of the titles held by our leader Albert Matias. He has skills in many fields and can literally fix just about anything. With over 20 years experience in construction and the last 11 years in property management and real estate he has developed all the abilities necessary to own and operate a successful business. Stop by to meet him, the proof is in the pudding.

Kim runs the office, while still maintaining a healthy family life with 3 sons, nieces, nephews and new grandchild. Got a question about accounting, Kims the one to ask.

Alex... He is the oldest of the 3 sons and shows it. Alex runs the front desk with grace. In charge of all applications and payments, he can remember your name before you've even introduced yourself. Come by the office and you'll be greeted by Alexs' face.

Michael, the middle son. Just came back from his travels to work for the family business. Running all advertisement, he has many progressive ideas to keep the business in the forefront. He is also now a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Wyatt, don't let his age fool you as he is only 14 but bigger than most of the family. As he is still in school he doesn't work much but he will step in to the line up soon enough.

Anne has the office grunt work in her pocket. She keeps up on all filing and updated information for tenants and owners alike. You can call her a "Jane of all trades" when it comes to the office at THREE SONS.

Daryl, David and Pasqual work in the field. They all have their specialties and are always friendly and helpful.

Next in line we have Lincoln and Atlas. Lincoln is almost 3 and is the office hype man. Atlas is Alexs' newly born son and the heir to the THREE SONS enterprise.

Now you know us, come join the family and choose THREE SONS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT for all you property needs.