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Now your on the way to getting a new home

After 10+ years in the property management field we have created a very standard and straight forward application process. The best thing about it, IT'S FREE! We do not charge an application fee, so that you can start the process immediately with nothing to lose.

                     All that you’ll need:
                         1. Proof of income
                               - This should be a current check stub. Income tax forms may work.
                         2. Identification
                               -  This can be a current license, photo ID card, and or passport.

We suggest that the first step taken is putting in an application with proof of income and ID. We have a usual turnaround time of 2 days with applicants. This is to ensure that we can verify income and perform a basic background check.

During the 2 day approval process, we provide a full list of apartments available. You can take this time to look into what units you’re interested in and once approved, get keys to check them out more thoroughly.

After a specific unit is chosen, a security deposit is needed to hold the unit. Time ranges on a move in date according to readiness of the apartment. This should be no longer than a week at most. Now you can use this period of time to get the utilities put on in your name as that should take 1-2 days.
Now all we need is first months’ rent and you’re ready to move into your new home. (Rent will be pro-rated if this all is not done by the 1st)

**Rent is always due on the first of the every month, and late fees start after the 5th.
**We do accept Section 8, city and county and many more housing assistant programs.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns. Our team is always waiting to welcome you to your new home.