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For the OWNER

Owners of investment properties and all others interested

Three Sons Property Management has been a full service property management company since 2003. We have 10 years of experience performing the detailed daily tasks that it takes to successfully manage properties. Investment properties are not a passive investment; it takes constant upkeep and diligent supervision. We at THREE SONS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT keep our office open six days a week and are on call at all other times.

We pride ourselves in being experts in all aspects of the property management business.
We provide a hassle free option for care and management of your investment property.

Our first goal when a property is acquired is to maintain the current renters and/or advertise to procure new qualified renters. “An empty unit is an expensive unit”. We provide services across the board including but not limited to applications, background checks and verification of income. We’ve developed a fair and sustainable lease agreement that we use when gaining another qualified renter. We have many advertising outlets and have a steady stream of potential renters.

The second biggest devotion of time is maintenance. Our combined staff has a long history in construction and most other skilled trades. We have a full in house maintenance staff, set prices for recurring expenses (i.e. painting, housekeeping, carpet cleaning, etc.) and established relationships with many reputable subcontractors. This helps us to keep costs down resulting in a more profitable investment.

Our office stays updated and moves at a pace which sets standards in the industry. We currently use an on-line software program that has helped streamline our procedures. This program allows us to collect and track rents, input invoices with expenses and receipts, and store all tenant information among many other amenities. We are currently working to make our on-line software accessible to all owners.

At the end of every month we provide the owner with a 30-day report. This includes a comprehensive summary of the months’ activities including rents collected, and bills paid. By maintaining an escrow account we offer the service of paying any reoccurring bills such as mortgages, HOA fees, and the properties utilities. Come tax season we provide a year-end statement that encapsulates all necessary information for a proper filing of taxes.

We also do all the dreaded court procedures. It is not always the fun part of the job, but the harsh reality states it is necassary. We start with 3-day non-payment notices, and people start paying. If the lack of payments continue we follow all legal steps to a full on eviction with a judgement for the money owed. 

Our overall goal is to help you sleep better knowing your investment property is in the best hands in the business. Contact us today, to start your worry free life with THREE SONS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to helping you with whatever your needs may be!

Other services

Just because our name is THREE SONS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, doesn't mean that's all we do.


Need help finding a renter for your property? Don't have the time or resources to do all the tedious work it takes to move someone in? Well that's why THREE SONS is here to help with our simple LEASING service.

Once provided with the owners lease, we tap into our deep well of resources and get the unit rented for a small one time fee. We list the property on our available unit sheets, online and all other sources of advertising. We will do a proper background check and verify income to the standards of the owner. Once THREE SONS believes the renter is qualified, and the owner approves, we will set up the new tenants with the lease and all keys.


We are also working on expanding our presence in the REAL ESTATE field with investment properties and helping buyers find a home or sell a home. We have one fully licensed Broker at the moment and will soon have 2 licensed associate brokers. We have access to all necessary resources to make the buying or selling experience painless.


Feel free to contact us and ask any question you have. We are ready and able to help!